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Afbeelding van 4-Poorts With Audio Support DVI-Splitter Zilver

4-Poorts With Audio Support DVI-Splitter Zilver

VS164 Video Splitter provides DVI video and audio input signals to 4 DVI video and audio outputs after duplication and boosting. They are ideal for any type of broadcasting environment, classrooms, or by power computer users.

Afbeelding van 2-Poorts VGA-Splitter Zwart

2-Poorts VGA-Splitter Zwart

VS102 video splitters provides video input signals to 2 video outputs each at 250 MHz after duplication. Users can boost video signals from the video gain knob within a transfer range up to 65m.Package Contents1x 2-Port Video Splitter1x 0AD6-1909-03EG...

Afbeelding van 4-Poorts VGA-Splitter Zwart

4-Poorts VGA-Splitter Zwart

The VS134A Video Splitter is a boosting device that duplicates a video signal from one source to 4 output devices. Cascadable to three levels, the VS134A provides up to 64 video signals, in addition to extending transmission distance up to 30 m, making...