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Afbeelding van 23 Innovations in Digital Communication

23 Innovations in Digital Communication

23 Innovations in Digital Communication describes, criticizes and evaluates 23 digital innovations that are used in media and communication. Innovations that are not hypes, but that were implemented to reach permanent changes in media and communication....

Afbeelding van 60 Innovators shaping our creative future

60 Innovators shaping our creative future

Het boek '60 Innovators shaping our creative future' koop je bij, nu voor €29.90!

Afbeelding van Accountable conceptdenken

Accountable conceptdenken

Een goed concept biedt toegevoegde waarde. Een concept, ook wel de zogenaamde kapstok genoemd, opent allerlei mogelijkheden en kansen en zorgt ervoor dat keuzes maken makkelijk wordt. Hoe ontwikkel je een concept? En hoe maak je deze toegevoegde waarde...

Afbeelding van Alles is onderhandelen

Alles is onderhandelen

Je onderhandelt elke dag, of het nou met zakenpartners, collega's, thuis of elders in de samenleving is. De uitdaging is niet om zo veel mogelijk te winnen ten koste van de ander maar om samen te zoeken naar mogelijkheden die voor beide partijen...

Afbeelding van Anton Beeke, it's a miracle

Anton Beeke, it's a miracle

Anthon Beeke is one of the prolific designers in tThe Netherlands that shaped the history of Dutch Design in the 20th century. This landmark book celebrates his impressive body of work through the stories that define the different aspects of Anthon Beeke's...

Afbeelding van Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

The fundamental question that the book addresses is, Are our innovation efforts aligned to the challenges of our times? We face high costs, global competition, low productivity, and technology disruptions. Our education system is geared towards solving...

Afbeelding van Augmenting Alice

Augmenting Alice

Augmented Reality is fast becoming one of the most important emerging technologies, with unprecedented investment growth and interest from big tech platforms and accelerator industries. The book introduces Augmented Reality's core concepts and potential...

Afbeelding van Bio-structural


Het boek 'Bio-structural' van Joseph Lim koop je bij, nu voor €15.99!

Afbeelding van Blue is the new black

Blue is the new black

Written for fashion graduates, newbie entrepreneurs and those in entry-level positions in the industry, Blue is the New Black demystifies the process of how to make a fashion collection accessible for all levels. It's a reference guide, a buddy,...

Afbeelding van Brand Memory Game

Brand Memory Game

In addition to the successful BIS memory games series, a new game about the knowledge of brands is being released this year. For this game, Hendrik-Jan Grievink has made a selection of 30 internationally well-known brands, showing neither logo nor name...

Afbeelding van Brand the Change

Brand the Change

Brand the Change unpacks the brand building process in practical steps. Whether you are building an innovative new product, creating a service for good, spreading a new idea, or positioning yourself as a leader in your field, thinking like a brand strategist...

Afbeelding van Bruis


Fermentatie brengt fantastische non-alcholische drankjes voort. Denk aan een friszure kombucha, een dorstlessende waterkefir of een aardse bietenkvass. Stuk voor stuk bruisend door gezonde bacteriën en complex en verrassend van smaak. Ze duiken steeds...

Afbeelding van Can You See What I See Memory Game

Can You See What I See Memory Game

Everyday objects get a whole new meaning or come to life by adding small sketches to them. This is the principle for this new poetic and funny memory game. One card that shows an everyday object and the matching card makes you look at the object in a...

Afbeelding van Cat Coasters

Cat Coasters

These 15 cardboard coasters feature favourite cat breeds illustrated by Marcel George, presented in a clear box. The perfect gift for cat lovers - bring them out for your next cat show viewing party!

Afbeelding van CEX Sells

CEX Sells

Na het succes van CEX Sells hebben Deborah Wietzes en Beate van Dongen Crombags zich wederom laten inspireren door toonaangevende bedrijven op het gebied van Customer Experience. Aan de hand van 30 nieuwe cases bewijzen zij dat het vakgebied de afgelopen...

Afbeelding van Change Ahead

Change Ahead

Change Ahead is about the emerging practices at the intersection of business strategy, research, and design. It introduces the need for an adventurous, explorative mindset in order to grow businesses that last by creating meaning and relevance with and...

Afbeelding van Co lab

Co lab

A field once dominated by assembly line and one-stop agencies, design (and graphic design especially) has harnessed modern tech to produce a new working model of small, interdisciplinary, voice-heavy collaboratives. CO LAB offers a set of contextual essays...

Afbeelding van Composing architecture and interior design

Composing architecture and interior design

Composing Architecture and Interior Design introduces different ways of creating architectural space. It explains how to compose architectural and interior design spaces step by step - starting in the first years of architecture and interior design studies....

Afbeelding van Computational architecture

Computational architecture

New title in the successful Architecture and Design Experiments Series edited by the author of Modular Structures in design and architecture and Digital Manufacturing in design and architecture. Computational Architecture showcases many form studies using...

Afbeelding van Concept code

Concept code

Conceptual thinking involves adding vision to a product, service, or organisation. Content is key, as this determines the coherence of the concept. Consumers want to experience every aspect of the concept. In addition, the producer must meet the emotional...

Afbeelding van Conceptdenken


In onze mediamaatschappij worden we overladen met informatie, entertainment, reclame en marketingboodschappen. Organisaties en merken die overeind willen blijven in deze mediastorm, kunnen niet zonder sterke concepten. Conceptdenken is een onmisbare vaardigheid...

Afbeelding van Conditional design

Conditional design

Conditional Design is the sequel to Operative Design. This book will further explore the operative in design in a more detailed, intentional, and functional manner. Spatially, the conditional is the result of the operative. Both terms work together to...

Afbeelding van Connecting


Connecting is an homage to our creative forces. Each page is an illustrative example designed to enlighten, illuminate, challenge and provoke. You can start anywhere, dip in and out or read it end to end. Drawing on isghts from neuroscience and psychology;...

Afbeelding van Convivial toolbox

Convivial toolbox

The book introduces an emerging domain of design that is of immense interest today not only to the academic design research community but also to those in the business community charged with the development of human-cantered products, systems, services...

Afbeelding van Create to Conquer

Create to Conquer

This fifth anniversary monograph features the works of the Dutch design studio Studio Kluif. This internationally well-known and prize-winning design studio never ceases to amaze with their magical and attractive designs. Ranging from graphic design,...

Afbeelding van Create with artists

Create with artists

The programme 'Create with Artists' offers the most inspiring workshops the Stedelijk Museum of contemporary art in Amsterdam has organized for young people over the past decade. These workshops with artists and designers have become a true...

Afbeelding van Creative chef

Creative chef

This book is a visual feast packed with ideas for things you can do in and around your own home. Your dinner party will never be the same... This book is not so much about cooking and recipes, but more about creating an amazing eating experience. The...

Afbeelding van Creative personal branding

Creative personal branding

After eight years work with creative personal branding Jürgen Salenbache has encapsulated its ideas and methods in a book. Salenbacher looks at the origins of today's crisis and examines the work of leading theorists in business culture before explaining...